What we aim at…. . .


Pharmaceutical products have increased many folds during the last few decades. Billions of dollars are being spent every year on producing thousands of tones of medicines for all types of medical treatments. Such huge quantities are being purchased, used and most part ultimately is released into the environment through human and industrial activities and there by produce secondary high levels of toxicity. Moreover, side effects become the fate of the inhabitants of this planet and the situation turns out to be a dilemma in disguise. Because, we pay for cure but receive side effects and toxicity and pollute our dear environment in addition.

After discovery of miraculous healing power of nanos made from minerals, salts, sediments of natural ponds, and extracts of food stuff etc.  “TheExcellentHealth.org” exclusively initiated steps for preparation and preservation of so would be called ‘NANOS’ embedded on the chemical structures of special refined clays found across the country and world.

Our mission is three folds.

  • Continue discovering and introducing none medicinal health reviving methods with or without medicine supports.
  • With use of NANOS reduce the medicinal use & help people save money and make them safe from side effects and secondary toxicity of drugs or medicines.
  • Protect the environment.

Now prices in store for testing purposes ; no orders shall be fulfilled till September 2017. Dismiss