We believe that imbalanced uptake of spices, kitchen herbs, food mineral contents from fruits, vegetables, nuts and organic salts from beverages, coffee & teas etc. affect on citric acid cycle (Kreb’s Cycle; Nobel prize in 1953) which is responsible for conversion of food into digestible carbohydrates, proteins, fats and energy in the form of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate). The organo-mineral imbalance entails upon deposition of proteins, fats and other minerals with fibrous contents in the tissue structures and weaken the body organs functionality.

Gradually, our body adopts or becomes use to against this biochemical misbalance and symptoms of different diseases start appearing in the body organs including liver, stomach, lungs, heart & blood vessels, bladders, kidneys, skin, bones & teeth etc. So much that badly influence on immune system and body becomes vulnerable against various bacteria, pathogens and viruses etc as well.

Different medical treatments including Allopathic, Unani/Tibb, Ayurvedic, Chinese & Homeopathic medicines etc. help reducing the damage by different diseases. Yet, none of these addresses the basic reasons for biochemical shift due to above mentioned factors. Resultantly, we never get complete cure and keep increasing use of medicines and our body has to bear the side-effects as well. believes that by bringing organo-mineral misbalance back to equilibrium, complete health revival is possible without or with least use of medicines. In this way, people can be safe from side effects, can save money and protect environment from drug pollution because we take thousands of tons of medicines that ultimately reach to environment and create secondary toxicity that unstoppably killing us.

How it does? Thanks to Nano Science!

 Different combination of micro to nano sized food contents (We term these non-medicinal products as ‘NANOS’) for example obtained from dry fruits, nuts, spices, kitchen herbs, natural waters and mineral contents of beverages etc. that can be used in minute quantities e.g., from few micro to nano grams to be absorbed on tongue 3-6 times a day for curing more than 80% of known common diseases without or with least medicinal support.

 For example, we take every day 1000-2000 mg of Calcium (Ca) and Magnesium (Mg) in the form of carbonates & bicarbonates from drinking water, food, herbs & medicines etc. and digest in our food track. However, when we absorb on the tongue only few micro grams of specially splendid ‘NANOS’ made from above said nano mineral contents in different combinations, a number of diseases of glands, stomach, skin, kidneys and bones can be cured completely and without any side effects. Similarly, NANOS from other food ingredients have proved marvelous healing agents for various diseases.

As earlier mentioned we call these remedies as NANOS. Remember, NANOS are neither Medicine nor are claimed as ‘Food Supplement’. Because, NANOS are made using special advanced procedures and do not follow any medical pharmacopeia of any known medical treatment.  Maximum we call them a non-medicinal way of cure because all contents are found in food and quantity of ingredients of NANOS is far less than what we take from daily food.

NANOS are in the form of ORAL SPRAY and CLAY PLATES.

ORAL SPRAYS: One 1-2 sprays directly in the mouth ½ hrs before or after meals. In acute situations, repetition can be 3-6 times a day.

CLAY PLATES include a pair of circular edible mineral disks or clay plates. It is that easy to grind one plate over the other plate gently and little powder obtained in 5-10 seconds maybe used 3-4 times a day. Acute diseases can be cured in one day to two weeks. For chronic diseases prolonged use (1-3 months) should be made to root out the disease causing factors.

Summary: NANOS are based on ingredients found in natural waters and food. When absorbed a minute quantity on tongue they show marvelous healing power to cure more than 80% of known diseases by improving conversion of food (Kreb’s cycle; Nobel prized in 1953) into useful energy in the form of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphates) and disposing of un-wanted proteins, fats and minerals from tissue structures through biochemical dissolution process leaving healthy body organs. NANOS are neither medicines (because not made as per any known pharmacopeia) nor does food supplements because quantity being used is far less than what we take from daily food. NANOS are safe and cure medical problems without or with least medicine support. NANOS can reduce medicine use, save money and protect environment from drug pollution. NANOS are for everyone and anybody who can read and understand instructions on the pack can use for self treatment or can suggest others as per feelings & symptoms. NANOS are available in Oral Sprays & as CLAY PLATES comprising of two small edible mineral disks to grind one over the other to make minute dusty powder to be absorbed on tongue 3-6 times a day.

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