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What is Nanopathy?

Nanopathy is the health restoration process by activation of biocell cytoplasm by absorbing extremely small edible particles (termed as ‘NANOS’) to dissolve and dispose of disease causing unwanted or waste fats, proteins or mineral contents deposited in different body organ tissues through misbalanced metabolic activities.

What are NANOS and how they are made?

NANOS are extremely small edible particles obtained from food stuff including kitchen herbs, spices, seeds of vegetables & fruits, minerals & salts found in natural potable waters and ponds etc. and are used in minute quantities (far less than what we uptake from daily food) to cure more than 80% of known diseases through bio cell activation to dispose of disease causing depositions produced in the effected or diseased organ tissues. Being part of food stuff, the NANOS are therefore not medicines but do care body organs and cure diseases. As per Nanopathy principles, NANOS can also be useful for most of ‘Spiritual ailments’ that other medical treatments seldom touch for care and cure of such problems.

What is Law of Disease & Law of Cure in Nanopathy?l?

Nanopathy Law of Disease: A disease in the body appears as organo-mineral imbalance due to internal and external factors that entails upon initiating deposition of proteins, fats and other minerals with fibrous contents in the tissue structures and weaken the body organs functionality that Nanopathy recognizes as disease.

Nanopathy Law of Cure: NANOS in the form of extremely small particles can activate bio-cell activity to dissolve and dispose of disease causing depositions produced due to misbalance in ‘organo-mineral’ metabolism in the effected or diseased body organ tissues. As a result of such bio-cell activities, depositions of unwanted or waste fats, proteins and mineral contents are either dissolved to nitrifying body organ tissues or are disposed of being waste e.g., dead bacteria, pathogens or viruses etc. through discharge/excretory mechanisms. Both ways, the health is restored.

What kinds and forms of NANOS are available?

NANOS are made available in the forms of liquid sprays, solid powders, round disk like ‘clay plates’, oils & gels etc. We don’t call these medicines but termed as Non-Medicinal Remedies (NMRs) or sometimes called Non-Prescriptive Remedies (NPRs). For curing diseases & medical problems, most of NANOS are available in the form of oral liquid sprays. Few NMSs are used as powders. Oils & gels etc. are used for external use while, clay plates address most of “Rohani” Ailments.

What are Nanos 'Clay Plates'?

Nano plates are mortar like or plain small plates made of special clays/ natural minerals coated with/ embedded with none toxic and minute quantities of extremely small particles obtained from daily food stuff that we term as “ Nanos” means small particles made/ synthesized with scientific methods & advanced technology and show great healing power against most of known diseases both physical, mental and so would be called “spiritual” in nature.

What clay plates are used for?

The specially made clay plates can be used to cure 80% of known mental and “spiritual” ailments with and without use of medicines. Clay plates are also very effective against viral attacks for which no remedy is available in all popular treatments. The “Nanos” activate bio-cell cytoplasm by absorption and diffusion at cell peripheral membrane and thereby release serums that dissolve toxins and discharge/dispose of through rejection process.

What kind of “Nanos” are used for preparation of oral sprays or plates?

Some of nanos made from extraction of natural products e.g alkaloid, natural organic acids found in food stuff. No toxic or harmful contents are used for preparation of any of our NANOS. Most of nanos contents are obtained from the source of natural drink able/ potable waters and daily food stuff including spices, fruits, vegetables, salts, fruit salts, some contents from grains etc. in very small quantities i.e., less than that already present in our daily food. For example daily up take of calcium and magnesium from drinking water and food comes from calcite, dolomite, epsom and gypsum etc and vary from 100-1000ppm, these ingredient are absorbed in food track and maintain physiological functions of body organs. But, nanos obtained and processed from above mentioned minerals do not absorb through food track but are allowed absorbing in tissues e.g. as oral sprays and activate cytoplasm and remove toxins produced from diseases producing pathogens and biological pollutants and ailments are cured.

How clay plates are used for curing diseases?

CLAY PLATES include a pair of circular edible mineral disks or clay plates. It is that easy to grind one plate over the other plate gently and little powder obtained in 5-10 seconds maybe used 3-4 times a day. Acute diseases can be cured in one day to two weeks. For chronic diseases prolonged use (1-3 months) should be made to root out the disease causing factors for different remedies till complete recovery. Usually one to twelve weeks depending upon nature and chronic phase of ailment. Any ailment not cured within the specified time will be of our interest and subject of study and future research. As per our research and findings, the NANOS also serve for better absorption of minerals, nutrients and vitamins  in body tissues.Q5. What are the approximate response / curing period of clay plates?

What are the approximate response / curing period of Nano products & clay plates?

Depending on the severity of attacks of a disease, nature and body chemistry of an ailing person and length of disease, the response time against Nanos products & nanos plate can vary from one day to twelve weeks in general to cure diseases. The period can be shorted by regularly administering dose, following the cautions and preventions.

What special precautions should be followed for using nanos plates/oral sprays?

As far as plates are concerned, the Nanos are embedded on special and classified clays using special nano technological skills and procedures. The following precautions should be followed.

  1. The coated surface should never be touched with finger or cloth or any material. Only clean new tissue paper may be used if needed.
  2. After dose preparation, the powder may be transferred to clean dry paper by inverting plate and thereafter gentle tapping. Must not use finger or other material for cleaning or removing powder from the plate.
  3. Plates should preferably be stored in clean dry and dark or shady place.
  4. Plates must not be exposed to smoke, dirt or stored in smelly area.
  5. Oral spray bottle must be caped immediately after use.
  6. No other solvent be added in oral spray bottle.

What is the dose quantity difference for adults and children?

As such the quantity is not important. Generally 5-10mg is sufficient for dose to ailing person without considering age and weight of person and children. Important is the regular and consistent repetition for effective triggering of body cell response against disease. Similarly, one to two oral sprays should be sufficient to produce curing effect.

Different medical treatments suggest different potencies and dose quantities for different phase of diseases, do such potencies exist or relevant to nanos plates/oral sprays?

As such no potencies or dose difference with respect to age or weight of ailing person. Pls refer to above question.

Is there any similarity between Nanopathy and other popular treatments?

Nanopathy differs in philosophy, method of preparation of remedies and usages. Yet, as per our findings nanos do exhibit some properties and in some ways cure like allopathic, herbal including hikmat, tibb, unani, ayurvedic, Chinese and even homeopathic medicines. Hope that Nanopathy in future will be emerged as a “Combined Medical Treatment”. However, at present Nanopathy is using None Medicinal Remedies derived from natural ingredients of food stuff including natural waters and minerals, spices, kitchen herbs, grains, fruits & vegetables etc.

For rohani or spiritual ailments, preparing remedy by making powder on nanos plate is the only way mentioned in the provided literature. What if one plate is broken or damaged or spoiled? Is there alternative way of preparing remedy e.g in liquid form using one plate?

Best way is the nanos powder obtained on plates after grinding one plate over the other. In case one plate is broken or spoiled then liquid paste dose can be prepared by pouring clean, tasteless and odorless water on one nanos plate and swirling or mild grinding surface with pestle/stone for 10 -15 seconds. Liquid paste can be used as remedy that should be used within few minutes (preferably immediately after making paste). After use, immediately clean the plate surface with dry & clean tissue paper after making liquid paste remedy to avoid microbial contamination on wet surface. Never use dirty or contaminated cloth for cleaning surface.

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