What is Nanopathy?

It can be defined as, The health restoration process through enhancement of body’s organ ability against absorption/diffusion of extremely small particles and therein disposal of inter/intra bio cellular disease causing degenerative accumulations through bio-cell activity”. 

Nanopathy Law of Disease: A disease in the body appears as organo-mineral imbalance due to internal and external factors that entails upon initiating deposition of proteins, fats and other minerals with fibrous contents in the tissue structures and weaken the body organs functionality that Nanopathy recognizes as disease.

Nanopathy Law of Cure: NANOS in the form of extremely small particles can activate bio-cell activity to dissolve and dispose of disease causing depositions produced due to misbalance in ‘organo-mineral’ metabolism in the effected or diseased body organ tissues. As a result of such bio-cell activities, depositions of unwanted or waste fats, proteins and mineral contents are either dissolved to nutrifying body organ tissues or are disposed of being waste e.g., dead bacteria, pathogens or viruses etc. through discharge/excretory mechanisms. Both ways, the health is restored.  Read More


NANOS的成分是基于我们的食物,自然水域和转化为及其微小的粒子在纳米的范围(1纳米=1/1000,000,000米)与先进的纳米技术和纳米化学过程。NANOS已发现治疗和治愈了80%已知的疾病,包括身体、心理和精神疾病。NANOS没有副作用因为治疗量远远低于我们从日常食物中的摄取量。NANOS 不是药物但是一种稳定而极好的治疗。 阅读和理解使用说明就可以用NANOS 为自己和家人治疗。成为你自己的医生,同时又可以节省时间和金钱。药物的副作用方面是安全的,所以在环境保护中发挥你的作用吧,让我们远离药物污染。 Read More




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Our Nanos

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Nanopathy Store

We dont have factory for mass production. However, we do provide samples and products for individual requirements.

Send us e-mail: BodyandSoul.org@gmail.com


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Monday-Friday: 17:00-22:00 hrs

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Contact Information


NANOS (Canada):

NAB: 693 Charles St. E

Kitchener, CANADA


NANOS (China):

1. Amy; Room 903, 107- Qun Fang Yi Yuan

LiYuan TongZhou Apartment,

District, Beijing, China.


2. Li Huan

中国上海浦东新区高行绿洲六期64号902 李欢

(Zhōngguó shànghǎi pǔdōng xīnqū gāo xíng lǜzhōu liù qī 64 hào 902 lǐhuān)



NANOS (Pakistan)

1-Jail Road, Lahore.Punjab Province, Pakistan DTM: +92341-7506406

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